Tag — Release

Introducing Pre-view cards

Simply the most engaging way to get your messages noticed that gets you authentic responses.

Managing requirements better

Keeping track of all the requests, connections, contacts in one list is hard. Introducing new requirements module to manage lists. .

More search options

In the last release, we added a requirements module with search automation. This release expands on search options.

Contact lists, Emoji filters

Name, title, summary fields now actively cleansed so that your downstream systems work smoothly.

Zapier connect now live

Zapier enables direct data to over 2000 apps. Linkdra contacts are now ready to travel through Zapier with a simple activation.

Contact Tags, Marketing Automation

Tags built into contacts and requirements to trigger automated workflows to streamline your integrated marketing automation.

More and more for agencies

This is an all-out agency focused release. Packs in essentials to set up, manage, administer client accounts.

Building on message sequences

Post connection engagement gets help with message sequences. Now see the message thread as well in your CRM.