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Product Release 20.7.1
Product Release 20.7.1

Tags built into contacts and requirements to trigger automated workflows to streamline your integrated marketing automation.

Today marketing technology has become quite complex and integrated. There are numerous touchpoints and the only way to stay on top is automation. Right from visitor traffic to email campaigns, a smooth setup means no lost leads or opportunities.


These simple constructs are at the heart of many of the marketing automation setups across systems. Rules are written to fire based on tags. With this release, tags are native to both contacts and requirements in Linkdra. To support seamless automation, tags when added to requirements automatically get applied to contacts searched under the said requirement. This means setup once and the automation kicks in. So, when the contact is pushed to your CRM or email marketing system along with the tags, your rules can easily detect and fire automation.

Tags can be edited or modified as well and these trigger updates push as well. This can be very handy when you have multiple connected automation systems.

Improved personalization

Message personalization gets a makeover where you can not only add First Name, Last Name, or a Short Name but also configure salutation such as Dr. or Prof. prefix. The options to configure are now available under settings.

Workbench version

To keep up with the rapid development and release, we now include the version details right on the home screen of Workbench with the link to directly download the latest edition.

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