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10x your B2B Lead Generation

Discover best matching prospects from 100s of smart searches to build your sales pipeline. No more hunting for leads.


Join the 20000+ connects unlocking new prospects everyday..

Lead Generation

Fixed the pain. No more tracking sheets

Who is connecting with whom and tracking responses was going insane. Ability to coordinate across team members in real-time killed it for us. No spam or double connects and one strong lead pipeline.



Growth Marketer


Search made a difference much more than connect..

We needed to search a lot to spot the right talent. Getting limited by search was a bummer. Switched to Linkdra and went from limited to unlimited with intelligent scoring so that I know which ones are most probable right away.



TA Head

$0 way to lead generation

shorten sales cycle
Directly reach your prospect

Crank up your lead generation engine with intelligent search automation. Seamlessly identify from thousands of prospects to know the right people to connect with. Zero Ads.

Grow funnel
Manage network on LinkedIn

Go beyond emails and regular outreach programs that take for ever. Start developing high-quality relationships on LinkedIn. Organize your team's effort easily, track and get results in just days.

Everything starts with a power search. See how it works.

Boost your prospecting with LinkedIn

Search filter
Search Deep

Search seamlessly across GOOGLE, BING, LINKEDIN . Score results to only pick the ones that best match; all automated that just works.

Connect Auto
Connect to Convert

Power up automated personalized connect message composition to 2nd and 3rd level connections

Connect Actions
Action Connects

Sync up your contact list with fresh connects. Intelligent prioritization to help you spend time only on the most valuable prospects.

No plugins, No extensions. Your everyday Chrome browser. Safe by design..


Integrated to top up your Marketing Automation

CRM for Team Collaboration

No repeats or duplicates. Central track of profile visits, connect requests and message sends.
Shared search requirements model for managing volume, targets, number of pages and profile reads.
Flexible by design to decouple profile reads & connects. Easily engage others with control.
Common library of personalized messaging templates with metrics on connect & conversion performance.
Progressive access rights & reporting for complete visibility. See team's progress instantly to stay on top.
Central contacts Database for driving email marketing campaigns. Download contact list for Mailchimp & others..

Faster lead generation, Lots of savings..

Avg connect requests sent per day

Estimated time value per user per hour

* Estimated savings per user per month. Actuals may vary based on usage.

Step 1 - Search
Set your Requirement
Keywords, Locations, Roles are some of the handy ways to run Boolean Search to identify your prospects. Runs 10s or even 100s of search combinations auto-generated in seconds. Fine- tune by organizations or institutions to get the most probable list.
shorten sales cycle
Step 2 - Review
Trim down the list
Take advantage of auto-scoring of profiles sorted by best match first to prioritize a long list of prospects. Review and filter the list further to get most likely profiles ready for action.
shorten sales cycle
Step 3 - Send Connect
Make a good pitch & convert
Share a personalized connection request. Since LinkedIn connect request allows limited text, add preview cards supported URLs to improve conversion by 4x.
shorten sales cycle
Step 4 - Sync Contacts
New & Existing
Sync 1st-degree connections into CRM. If working in a team, CRM gives you a consolidated view of all contacts. Export them to power up email marketing and retargeting campaigns. Yes, including your older connections on LinkedIn.
shorten sales cycle