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Sales has changed since 2020

"Spray & Pray" styled marketing automation does not work anymore. Likely you have been running email campaigns or tried Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Automation tools without much success. You are not alone.
Your future customer is already on LinkedIn

Ready lists or regular searches have one problem. They are easy and so everyone is reaching out to the same people tiring them out. Linkdra helps you scan thousands of prospects to spot the right profiles, within minutes so that you can connect with them with context.

Build relationship first

It's called "cold call" for a good reason. But you don't have to spend hours every day doing that when you can have warm exchanges. Get results in days with Linkdra's deep personalisation platform.

"Sniper Targeting" delivers quality leads

SaaS Marketers, SMB Owners, Insurance Agencies, Financial Planners, Staffing Companies & B2B Service providers are using Linkdra to crush their revenue targets in today’s noisy digital market...


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Extended profile search options

Outbound Process

How it works

Instead of waiting for customers to reach you, we help you proactively reach them and beat the competition. Here’s your guide to outbound prospecting with Linkdra.


Target Persona

Identify your best customers. What they do, where they live, the titles they have, etc. Linkdra will help you reach many more of them.



Build your super target list. Search seamlessly with Linkdra & get the best match prospects ready to go in minutes. No paid tools required.


Grow your Network

Send connection requests with personalization. Apply smart filters by activities, profile, connections to reach just the right prospects & hit amazing conversion numbers.


Build Relationship

Set up drip campaigns to lead new connections through a process of value discovery with rich media & AI-powered tracking. Get alerts moment they are ready for business.

As easy as 1-2-3

Takes just 5 minutes a day with Linkdra to build a strong pipeline.

Free Setup in 2 minutes

Build Lists

Unlimited Search "WITHOUT LinkedIn"

Simply find ideal profiles anywhere on the planet or within a few miles around your office.

Filter lists by role, level, location, country, industry, keywords, number of connections, activities, and many more parameters. Your prospect lists on demand in minutes.

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What people are searching everyday on Linkdra

SaaS Founder

Operation &: Supply chain heads for analytics product

Malpractice Attorney

Reaching out to doctors/specialists to get "Certificate of Merit"

Insurance Agency

Meeting small business owners for commercial & liability policies

Financial Planner

Seeking introduction to high net worth individuals nearing retirement.

Digital Agency Owner

Outbound Lead generation as a service for self and clients.

Staffing Company BD

Connecting with Talent Acquisition & Human Resource Heads

eLearning App

Inviting elementary school superintendent & principals to virtual conference.

Consulting Services Company

Pitching to CIOs, VPs, Directors of IT departments in the Americas

John Doe
John Doe
CTO, Global Open Systems
Anna Paul
Anna Paul
Head, Data Security, World Datcenter Corp
Simon G P
Simon G P
Financial Planner, Independent Investment House
Peter Lee
Peter Lee
Operations Head, Ace Logistics
Anthony Page
Anthony Page
CHRO, Smart People Inc

Lead Filter

Your AI Sales Assistant

Scans responses and automatically labels contacts that are ready for business.

It takes time to keep an eye on every message, every response. Linkdra's built-in AI assistant reads every response using machine language and automatically tags them with a suitable lead status

email integration

Multi-Channel, All-in-One

Get work done, instead of juggling a bunch of automation and marketing tools. Search, Connect, Nurture with message & native emails sequences.


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Get 4x more responses
Turn your messages into lead magnets with preview cards.
  • Setup Card
    Add title, upload image and optionally add destination landing page URL. Generate smart link.
  • Share Link
    Add the smart link to your message body. On send, the link will automatically populate the preview card when your contact opens the message.

Your message on LinkedIn...

Hi John, we had a great event yesterday on digital marketing and thought will share the highlights.
The link above, automatically populates the card below

Your pitch text here.

Not automation. Switch to Smart Assistant.

No plugins, No extensions, No cloud. Your everyday browser on your computer.


Seamless Dataflow

Fill your CRM automatically

Connect Linkdra with apps you use and love. Send contacts and their details to your CRM. Sync status, tags, messages everyday, to fire up your campaigns. Turn cold outreach to warm conversations.


Built for Teams

Sales is a team sport. That means absolute coordination. You do not want situations where two people reach out to the same prospect with the same message. Linkdra is designed to keep the checks automatically.

All "Star Sales"

Everyone in the team and their LinkedIn enabled for networking. Build a central database of warm contacts.

Prospect CRM

Central tracking of profile visits, connection requests, contacts, messages & emails for effortless coordination.

Campaign Templates

A curated library of personalized messaging templates with metrics on networking & conversion performance.

Team Work

Flexible by design to decouple search & contacts. Easy delegation. See the team's progress instantly to stay on top.

Join the 250000+ connections unlocking new prospects everyday...


Fixed the pain. No more tracking sheets

Who is connecting with whom and tracking responses was going insane. Ability to coordinate across team members in real-time killed it for us. No spam or double connects and one strong lead pipeline.



Agency Marketer


Search made a difference much more than connect..

We needed to search a lot to spot the right talent. Getting limited by search was a bummer. Switched to Linkdra and went from limited to unlimited with intelligent scoring so that I know which ones are most probable right away.



TA Head

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