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Product Release 20.9.2
Product Release 20.9.2

Merge fields to personalize message gets more options. Also, new upload profiles to build contact details.

Personalization with the first name, last name has been around since the days of email marketing. We still use it because it works or let's say it's better than simply saying "Hi there!". When you are connecting on LinkedIn there is a whole lot more information available to personalize your messages. It just makes sense to take advantage of the same and script messages that drive high conversions.

Merge fields

LinkedIn does not show first, middle and last names separately. For trained eyes, of course, you can make out which one is which but it gets a bit tricky for apps when you encounter, degrees and other adjectives, adverbs in the name. Not to mention emojis. Besides clean up the date, this new release has a built-in name, profile details extracted that help you quickly personalize your messages. You can type in a message right at the time of sending or take advantage of templates that can be reused easily across sessions or requirements.

Note: If you were using templates so far, you may need to review them to be ready with the new personalization options.

Upload contacts

Linkdra was all about building contacts and so why would you need to upload? Well, there are a few situations where this can be handy.

Existing contacts

You have 1000s of contacts already on your profile. You need their contact details to start a thread or maybe send out some content or just a warm hello message. Handling a very large number will take time, but you can still download your contacts from LinkedIn (without the contact details) and split them into separate smaller lists based on may be domain or location or function etc. Now upload the list on Workbench, pick the status to set to "Connected" and they are now ready to build contacts.

You can even select a requirement to assign for your select existing contacts. The rest is simple. Contact details are read and updated in CRM as well get pushed through any of the active integrations.

Existing contacts without spreadsheets

It is possible and simple to sync up your existing contacts without upload. Simply use sync contacts and manually scroll down to the bottom of the page of your LinkedIn Connections and hit sync again.

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