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Product Release 20.7.3
Product Release 20.7.3

This release is focused on making every day working on Linkdra easier than ever.

We decided to squeeze in another small usability focused release this month. Thanks to many of our friends who join us in the last 1 month. Makes it feel great and special. Some of our agency friends who handle multiple clients too expressed options to manage requirements better and so it just made sense to expand on the requirements module.

Improved search set up

Search parameters such a location, keywords, roles are now organized under search guidance. This new configuration makes it possible to run generic searches as well as take advantage of the built-in generator to belt out combination easily for 10s or even 100s of searches without you even pushing a button. So, something that used to take hours of searching and typing now happens in a few minutes while you get yourself a coffee.

Contact assignment

It's easier to add contacts to specific requirements. Managing them under requirements makes it easier to apply tags and drive marketing automation. For agencies, this helps to manage work better across their clients.

Contact Summary

We updated the contact profile in CRM as well with a summary card covering the title as well as each of your contact work history. This organization is searching ready too. So next time you have a check if you have any of yours or your team's contact connected to a new prospect, you know how to find it quickly.

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