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Product Release 20.6.1
Product Release 20.6.1

Name, title, summary fields now actively cleansed so that your downstream systems work smoothly.

We focused on data clean-up in this release besides making it easy to find and organize. Export contacts too, get some updates to give you better control.

Emoji clean up

People like to dress up their profiles with shiny things. It's part of marketing or getting noticed. Works great. However, they don't always play nice with your CRM or marketing automation. This release has built-in cleaners to strip out icons, emoji, and other characters automatically as they hit your contacts.

Similar profiles

Every LinkedIn profile you visit has a sidebar of suggested or similar profiles. Many times these may be similar titles from the same company or industry and are a great way to discover new prospects. You can now add these as well to your prospects list. This option is available only after you had visited their profile on Linkdra. This can be done either by pre-visit profile under CONNECT > REVIEW or your contacted or connected list of contacts.

Contact Downloads

The default contact list includes all profiles including the ones you searched, viewed, contacted, or even ignored. These don't have contact details. The contracts that are your 1st-degree connections have the contact details after you have built the profiles using Build Contacts. Now, you can export only this list of contacts with email ids by a simple check box. Additional options include a date range and status.

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