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Product Release 20.5.1
Product Release 20.5.1

Keeping track of all the requests, connections, contacts in one list is hard. Introducing new requirements module to manage lists. .

This is a big release with lots of infrastructural changes. We revamped the data model to make it easier to extend (you may not see this directly) with custom fields in the future. On the usability front, significant changes have been made to make it easier and efficient to send connection requests.


There is a new requirements module to simplify and organize your searches, search results, and contact profiles. This module should make it easy to structure profiles based on business, target market segment, or even clients if you are an agency. Requirements can be loosely called campaigns, the term we use so often in the context of email marketing. Well, requirements are what will eventually power your campaigns.

So, what are "Requirements"?

Let's start with a simplified view. These are just buckets or folder with a name. The folder contains the profiles/ contacts that you search, connect, and eventually add to your 1st-degree connections. Before we go further down, let's just make note that requirements are just one level folders i.e. you cannot have child folders under them. Maybe we should call them tags but then we do have tags coming up within requirements.

Requirements beyond the concept of folders support a few other convenience features. Here is a brief overview.

  • Search parameters. You can add keywords, roles, locations, and even target companies to requirements. While you can directly search as well, adding to requirements enable automated generation of search combination that reduces your manual effort by more than 70%. Workbench knows how to create individual searches and even keeps track of what has already been searched so that there are no repeats.
  • You can share the requirements with your team. This is very helpful when you have a tight deadline with multiple people working together and it just comes in handy to know who is searched what or connected etc. So no repeats or duplicates.
  • Coming up are tags that get applied to any contact that gets into your requirement list.

Export & Download

Linkdra makes it super easy to build your contacts. You know how easy it is. Now, if you are using another system for email marketing etc, then the ability to export this list as a CSV file makes it so much easier. So check out the download option in both Workbench and Contacts in your Linkdra CRM. You can even filter by status or dates.

Improved Notification

Long running tasks such as bulk requests needed some visibility into what's happening. You could always flip the screen and look at your browser, but then a commentary of progress is convenient. This release packs a more detailed log of progress right on your screen.

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