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Product Release 20.10.1
Product Release 20.10.1

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We talked about this in our June roadmap. Since then we have been extensively testing it out within our teams for impact. Happy to share that we have noted 3-4x jump in engagement with preview cards.

Preview Cards

What are preview cards? These are those graphic cards that show up on social media posts and shares with a link. Facebook started this many years ago what is now popularly known as open graph meta tags. Since then many other sites have adapted to this including Twitter and LinkedIn. The reason is simple. They drive engagement over regular text messages. If you have used Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or any of the Instant Messaging apps over SMS then you know the difference. That's what has lead to this huge growth of messaging traffic.

Preview Cards

Now applying these preview cards to your LinkedIn messages just made a lot of sense. And why not? Attention span is going down in a world where there is so much of content. To stand out your need something that is refreshingly different and Preview-Cards are just that.

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So, now you can easily add preview cards in your messages using the short links. You can add a title and picture along with the destination URL. Unlike other short links such as, these preview card links are focus on delivering the card rather than simply redirect. In some ways, they are your custom landing pages that just gets served with an option for the user to navigate to your content.

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