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Product Release 20.5.2
Product Release 20.5.2

In the last release, we added a requirements module with search automation. This release expands on search options.

The ability to search with automation across public profiles and data makes it very effective to identify your ideal prospects. Requirements module from the last release adds the option to generate your search text from structured inputs such as keywords, roles, location, etc. This release expands to take advantage of yet another effective way to search - LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups typically attract professionals with an active interest in a topic.

So, if you are a group member you have access to the member directory. Since you have access, you can now read the member list and pick the relevant ones easily in 2 simple steps.

  • Navigate to the group, members list. Scroll down the list to see the full list. If it is a group with a large number of members, try the search box to limit the list. Don't worry if it has some member who may not be relevant. We will drop them in the review step later.
  • Now read the list with the new LinkedIn group search option and you have them added to your contacts. Make sure to select a requirement so that you can organize your list easily.

Once the list is in, head over to CONNECT on Linkdra and review the list. Drop any case that doesn't match your target.

Tip: Doing a review first helps keep your list tidy as well as avoid running into the same profile again as part of another search later.

LinkedIn user profiles may have different links. For example profile from the UK may have a format such as or say Singapore has This helps in search but causes a problem where the same profile may be available on different region-specific URLs instead of the standard format.

URL normalization takes care of this by a process of cleaning up and reducing them to a unified format. So, does not matter if they show up differently, within your contact list you can always find them in exactly 1 spot.

Members & Roles

Linkdra started as a solo user tool and then we added the option to have team members as well. In this edition, we extended this further to have roles and possibly disable access as well in case they are to leave.

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