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Product Release 20.8.1
Product Release 20.8.1

This release packs improvement on speed and initial setup in Workbench besides the new withdraw request feature.

We focused on some of the pending areas rather than many new features in this release. Making some of the existing things work better with fewer resources. And of course, a brand new feature to withdraw pending connection requests.

Connection requests that don't get accepted

There can be many reasons. The user is not active on LinkedIn or decided to ignore your request or simply forgot. Since LinkedIn allows only 1 reach out message, there is no way of knowing or taking alternate steps. However, you can keep your connection accept rate healthy by withdrawing pending requests from time to time.

By default, anything more than 1-month-old is a candidate to consider for withdrawal. We see most requests get accepted in the first 2 days and rest over 15 odd days. So, anything outstanding beyond a month has a slim chance. With this new feature, you can easily identify long-pending ones (beyond 1 month) and withdraw. The status against the contact gets updated too. You would now know who all you reach out to but eventually retracted your request. Helps so that you or any other member of your team does not spend time reaching out again.

A healthy connect to accept ratio is good as you grow your network rapidly.

A list of other improvements

Tags now show up in your contacts download as well Improved error handling and retry options for contact sync. So, if the target system is not responding, Linkdra will retry after some time.

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