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Product Release 20.8.2
Product Release 20.8.2

This is an all-out agency focused release. Packs in essentials to set up, manage, administer client accounts.

Over the last couple of months, many of our agency friends have come on board. They choose the Linkdra way of managing lead generation for their clients over some of the risky chrome extension automation out there. The ability to run things fast without investing time does not mean they deliver results. You can be spinning a lot but hardly any throughput at the end of the day. So, if you are running a "Done for You" lead generation service, the results matter. I mean

How many business meetings were you able to setup?

That's what clients ask and it is our goal to make that the real outcome. Right from a much wider search to identify prospects, to a smart scoring system to stack rank them in the likelihood of a match, to personalized message composition to keeping things very human and 1:1. The result is you can have a much higher acceptance rate by sending fewer and still land great meetings. If you are an agency interested in better outcomes, join in one of our release meets.

So, what are we doing differently for agencies?

Introducing Accounts

Accounts can be set up for client organizations or even divisions within your organization. They internally just like regular organizations but with a special option that as an agency you can set up, run, and transparently manage them. Accounts when set up in "managed mode" provide full control over members, subscriptions and yet maintain an independent organization status. You can even invite your clients to join in to get a direct view of the action and progress. This is very helpful when starting with a new client when you are building the pipeline. The actual results follow a few weeks later, but having visibility of the progress is very assuring. The account maintains client data in complete isolation and so you have easy control without the pain of managing data separately. If you doing this with spreadsheets, copy-pasting info around, then you are doing to love the simplicity of Accounts.

Key features of accounts Set up, members. Add yourself or your team members to the account to gain full access as if a member of the client organization. Extend your subscription to the account to cover the member license so that your clients don't have to see a charge. Transparent and seamless. Automatically brand accounts for your clients using their organization email.

New DNC List

There are times when agency clients have specific instructions not to reach out to specific profiles. They may be competitors or let's say better avoided. Keeping track of this can be hard when you have a team involved. Mistakes happen. To avoid leaving it to chances, a new DO NOT CONTACT list open is now available. The list applies to per account and so it is easy to set up once and forget it. Linkdra will keep track so that you don't have to.

Better search summary

While it was possible to build a profile with publicly available information, they lacked a few data points that help decision making. This new edition now offers details of the number of connections and location even though reaching LinkedIn purely based on public data.

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