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Product Release 20.9.1
Product Release 20.9.1

Post connection engagement gets help with message sequences. Now see the message thread as well in your CRM.

Most users when they receive a connection request simply accept, reject, or ignore based on the sender profile. Even if you added personalized message chances are the user does not read it since the prompt to accept the request shows only the teaser portion of your message. However, if they do accept they are prompted to view the full message on LinkedIn. Now people are busy and there is always that anxiety of a new connection, who you may not know that well to immediately respond.

We need a boost to follow up and engage

Sending a post accept thank you message is a great way to get back to the message thread including your previous one. The user now gets to see your original connection request message and we have seen the response rate this time more than doubles.

Not an auto-responder

Anything that is completely automated missing out on the human part. Fully automated systems most definitely save time but at the cost of outcome in these cases. Instead, type in a human response when sending a connection accept "Thank you" message. You can take advantage of templates to craft that message as well.

The messaging handling is smart enough to identify if your contact has already responded or maybe you already sent the same or a similar message.

We would be expanding this in subsequent releases to have a follow-up sequence as well.

Message history to CRM

While having the contact details in CRM with profile details was handy, what was missing was context. I mean the exchanges so far so that when you or anyone on your team or even your client is picking up the phone and talking, you have the up to date situation or progress report. This release now helps with a copy of LinkedIn messages as threaded history right inside your CRM.

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