Getting Started

An overview of top features, walking you through the entire process. Simple steps to save time and simplify tracking using LINKDRA platform. How to sign up and invite your team to run a coordinated connect campaign and more ..

Why LINKDRA & Top features

LinkedIn serves as a great way to connect with your business contacts & prospects. Whether you are connecting to generate leads for a sales initiative or reaching people as a recruiter for a job / opportunity, LinkedIn works well helping you directly reach people who matter to you. However, searching the right people takes lot of time and often requires going though lots and lots of profiles. LINKDRA is designed to fix just that.

So how does it work?

LINKDRA combines to power of everyday search engines like Google, Bing to build a list of profiles and then smartly filters based on keywords to give you a prioritized list. It's like the X Ray search that runs by itself based on your goals. Once you have a filtered prioritized list with 10s or even 100s of combinations, LINKDRA helps you to scan the top matches on LinkedIn to further assess fit. Remember quality over quantity as the winning strategy. Refine your list further and then send out personalized connect request using LINKDRA Workbench. What makes it awesome is now you can track all that was searched, filtered and connected in one place and even better with your team so that there are no duplicates. Saves lot of time in connecting, messaging and coordinating and you know for sure that your recipients are not getting spammed.

LINKDRA assists you in search with 100s of boolean search keyword combinations generated. Helps you run searches, collect & filter results for best matches so that you can personalize connects and track them to business advantage.

LINKDRA Workbench is a desktop app that runs and manages your Chrome browser just like you would search and connect. Workbench app connects to LINKDRA CRM web app to manage your account, contacts, requirements, connects, campaigns, reports and more.

Register as a user

Head over to and sign up.

If you have a company email id and work with a team then use your company email to simplify adding team members and get reports on overall activities. Public emails have a tighter security check and lower limits to avoid spam situations.

NOTE: The email that you sign up with becomes your username. This cannot be changed. The email DOES NOT have to be the same as what you use on your LinkedIn Account.

Once signed in setup a Team. This helps coordinate the searches and connects for multiple members. Even if you are working solo setting up a team is required to track and backup your searches. Just pick a suitable name for your team and you are all set. To add members, add their name and email. Note, members are different from contacts that you connect with. Members have access to your account, while contacts don't. Rest of this page will guide you though high level process flow on how to make your first connect through LINKDRA.

Process Overview

Download the LINKDRA Workbench (desktop app) from page. You should be signed in and your account should be active to download. Sign in to LINKDRA Workbench with the same credentials. Typical process includes.

  • SEARCH Start with keywords, target roles, companies, institutions. Provide comma separated options if you have multiple searches in mind. Select number of pages you want to search (10 results per page) and hit run. See more on how to setup requirements to search
  • CONNECT Once search completes and provides a filtered list, review them to exclude any (irrelevant) and start sending connect requests on LinkedIn. You would need to sign in into LinkedIn first on your Workbench browser and no you don't need to share your linkedin credentials with LINKDRA. See connecting LinkedIn Account. To speed up the process, you can setup message templates that composes with a personalized salutation ready to reach to 100s.

Existing Contacts

Hit the sync contacts option to start building your contact list that is immediately shareable across your team be it for sales or hiring. Tag them with action dates so that you and your team know exactly when to reach out to them.

Go ahead & sign up and super charge your reach.