Connecting your LinkedIn Account

Step by step guide to sign in and setup your account and connect with LinkedIn. No plugins or extensions. Instead use LINKDRA Desktop app to work with your every day use Chrome browser.

LINKDRA account & LinkedIn

LINKDRA account is a standalone separate account than your LinkedIn account. You can of course use LinkedIn to sign in to LINKDRA but the account stays separate.

NOTE: It's possible to use more than one LinkedIn account with your LINKDRA account though it is not advisable as it makes tracking harder.

Sign up process

  1. SIGIN IN to your LINKDRA account. If you are new here, see Getting Started
  1. DOWNLOAD LINKDRA Workbench Desktop app (available on your account once you activate) and install it on your Desktop. Besides the desktop app you would also need Google Chrome installed on your computer. LINKDRA Workbench works only on Chrome at this time.
  1. LINKEDIN CONNECT Next on the home screen of Workbench, hit the Connect your LinkedIn button. This will open up Chrome browser on your system and navigate to LinkedIn home page. Sign in if required with your LinkedIn username and password. Switch back to LINKDRA desktop app to check if it is connected. If not give it another push after you have signed in into LinkedIn on the chrome window. Make sure you leave chrome open and not close the tab. LINKDRA works with your browser and does not work if closed.

IMPORTANT: LinkedIn username and password are not shared with LINKDRA. You know your account is safe and you can sign out of LinkedIn any time.

In fact you can continue using LinkedIn on another Browser window though we suggest using only one window at any time.

Tips for effective LinkedIn account

  1. You should start with a LinkedIn account that has good standing. A recommended minimum of 50+ connects and an account at least a few weeks old. A fresh account has quite a few limitations besides a limited 2nd and 3rd connections. So, this is going to severely limit your ability to connect.
  2. A complete profile of you with picture, title, summary that clearly read out what you do so that the people you reach out to see immediately why they should accept your connect. Provide details on education and professional experience.
  3. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups that are likely to have your target audience as members. This expands your connect options.
  4. Post some relevant connect and see them link on your profile page. Very effective if you are reaching out to senior profiles who may get lots of connect requests. Helpful to stand out.

LinkedIn suggests a good bit of fair usage tips. Make sure you review them and limit your activities within them.