LinkedIn Recruiter Guide

Compare features, pricing, options, limitations, and how to effectively get many times more out of your investment.

LinkedIn Basic

FREE /mo

Mostly building professional connections

Search, max 100 pages/mo

2nd & 3rd level connections

No saved searches

No InMails

Upto 100 new requests /week

Post Jobs - paid Ads

Skills Assessment: NA

No integration

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

$100-150 /mo

Best for solo recruiters or select hiring.

Search - unlimited

2nd & 3rd level connections

Search filters with save

50 InMails /mo

Upto 100 new requests /week

Post & Manage Jobs

Skills Assessment: NA

No Integration

LinkedIn Recruiter

$500+ /mo

Recommended for a team of recruiters

Search - unlimited

Access all profiles

Advanced filters with save

100-150 InMails /mo

Upto 100 new requests /week

Post & Manage Jobs

Skill Assessment Insights

ATS Integration

LinkedIn + LINKDRA

$0-80 /mo

Works with all FREE & paid LinkedIn editions.

All features per your LinkedIn Edition

X-Ray search   automation.

Smart filters - sniper targeting

Campaigns & Message Sequences.

Team Coordinator - No duplicates

Preview Cards - 3-4x more connections.

Candidate CRM

Playbook for effective sourcing

In a competitive candidate driven market, speed and engagement matters over everything else. Right tools can 10x your sourcing strategy.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Tips for best ways to source with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

  • Search Profiles
    Add a project to collect searched profiles. Apply filters by target companies, level, years in current role, etc. Save search to build ready lists..
  • Send InMails
    Craft a personalized message. Experiment with a teaser style message. Check out the post on Killer Templates for LinkedIn prospecting. InMails are limited and response rates may vary.
  • Build New Connections
    Grow your network within the target audience. Send upto 100 requests per week. This is the most productive way to directly engage candidates. Helps expand your level 2 and level 3 network and build long term database.
  • On accept, Follow up
    Send position details with link to setup a calendar time. Alternatively for urgent roles, share the link requesting referrals. Better responses from people who don't like to be pitched too.

LinkedIn + Linkdra

Save 4 hours per day per recruiter. Works better for teams.

  • Search Profiles - 8x Faster, Automated
    Searching is the most time consuming part of sourcing (4-5 hours everyday). Take advantage of free public profiles and Boolean / X-Ray search generator. Get results in minutes that automatically updated your candidate CRM. No LinkedIn access required.
  • InMails
    Not required
  • New Connections - Filters - 40+% cleaner lists
    Auto-filter out bad matches using AI assistant to get a cleaner list. Right list saves time, avoids wasteful follow up.
  • Automation that just works, even with no access to LinkedIn.
  • Add wow factor!
    Don't just send a message. Make it personal. Craft delightful messages using merge fields to super personalize. Leverage sequences to have on going conversations.
  • Plug-in your Email - Go multi-channel
    Not getting responses to your messages on LinkedIn? Add campaigns to engage over email. Linkdra assistant automatically tracks responses and updates candidate CRM.
  • Connect your ATS or CRM such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, any other candidate platform with just a click.


Active acquisition
Sourcing assistant with embedded AI scans 1000s of profiles quickly so that you can engage with the most likely candidates.

Linkdra Recruiter gives you unparalleled visibility into your hiring funnel. Source and nurture diverse talent pools.

Candidate Scoring

Keep quality high in your outreach with active scoring of searched profiles sorted automatically by most probable ones.

Preview Cards

Turn your messages into job magnets with rich infographic preview cards native within your LinkedIn messages. See 4X jump in conversion.

Ready Templates

Ready to use message sequences derived from analyzing highly successful campaigns. Get started in minutes & boost traction.

AI Filters

Built-in assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence automatically classifies responses from candidates in to HOT, WARM, NURTURE, or NEW so that you have all the time to close positions.

Sourcing Process

How it works

Instead of waiting for candidates to reach you, we help you proactively reach them and beat the competition. Here’s your guide to outbound sourcing with Linkdra.


Ideal Candidate

Identify your best matching candidate. What they do, where they live, the titles they have, companies etc. We will reach many more of them.



Build your super target list. Search unlimited with Linkdra & get the best match candidates ready to connect in minutes.


Grow your Database

Send connection requests with high personalization. Apply smart filters by activities, profile, connections to reach just the right ones & hit amazing conversion numbers.


Build Relationship

Set up drip campaigns to lead new connections through a process of value discovery with rich media & AI-powered tracking. Get alerts moment they are ready for a role.

Some of the positions recruiters are sourcing for everyday on Linkdra

Customer Service Representative

Operation &: Supply chain, Retail or Distribution


Head to human resources to pitch staffing services

Head of Operations

Food-Tech experience with plant operations

Python Developer

Knows dhango, flask, bottle or similar web frameworks

Machine Learning Engineer

Tensor Flow, Keras, NTLK, Spacy. Familiar with BERT.

Salesforce Consultant

Hands on with experience in Lightning, SOQL and marketing automation.


1-5 years of experience with a reputed chain

Account Executive

1-2 years in sales experience in industrial equipments, east coast


4 reasons to go LinkedIn + LINKDRA
Effective "Sourcing" even with FREE LinkedIn.
Search Automation Run 10s or 100s hundreds of search combinations in minutes. LINKDRA automatically runs and updates Prospect CRM. Say NO to LinkedIn Automation and YES to Search automation.
Effective personalization Automatically adapt your messages based on profile attributes such as name, location, gender, organization. No two candidates get the same.
Auto Tracking Accurate status & progress updates are vital for business, but data entry is time consuming. Linkdra assistant takes care of tracking, so that recruiters can focus on quality sourcing.
Built for Teams No more cases of reaching out to the same candidate from multiple recruiters. Simply avoid such embarrassments.

Seamless Dataflow

Fill your CRM automatically

Connect Linkdra with apps you use and love. Send contacts and their details to your CRM. Sync status, tags, messages everyday, to fire up your campaigns. Turn cold outreach to warm conversations.

Join the 250+ recruiters sourcing candidates everyday...


Search made a difference much more than connect..

We needed to search a lot to spot the right talent. Getting limited by search was a bummer. Switched to Linkdra and went from limited to unlimited with intelligent scoring so that I know which ones are most probable right away.



TA Head


Managing lists is a breeze

Before Linkdra, I was stuck with spreadsheets to track my follow-ups for hundreds of candidates. Well, now, I have all candidates in one place, manage them by specialty, current/future buckets, and set up campaigns to stay engaged. The best part is, I may spend just about 15 minutes a day.



Agency Recruiter

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