LinkedIn Automation

Campaigns, sequences, messages, profile visits, auto endorsements, personalization, templates, auto-reply, safest, dedicated IP, works with LinkedIn Recruiter & Sales Navigator and so many more.
NO, this is not our feature list.


Your LinkedIn is way more important

LinkedIn is not about numbers but a game of precisely targeted reach to build business connections. Quality over quantity.


What they don't tell you!

Search millions of profiles. Really?

LinkedIn has 100s of millions of profiles. What you can search though is limited to just 100 pages or 1000 profiles in a month for a regular account. If you are actively searching you hit that limit in just a couple of days unless you have a paid Sales Navigator or Recruiter account. Limits are higher but not unlimited!

World's safest! Is it?

Try yourself a search for "worlds safest LinkedIn automation" and you can see how many make the same claim. Browser Extensions or Cloud, both have problems of different kinds. Curious, try searching for "banned LinkedIn extensions".

Not a word on conversion!

Ask yourself, what is important? How many requests can you send through automation in a day or how many connect with you so that you can convert them into sales? The approach is simply "Spray & pray". Today with so much of data, do we have to be so primitive?

Sales Navigator

You are not alone if you are not getting results

The problem is not with you or your strategy or Sales Navigator. Too many people are using the same appoarch, building the same list and reaching out to the same top xxx from the list with similar automation. Result, those people are tired of constant outreach, and no wonder don't respond back.

Reach targeted audience without the noise.

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Smarter LinkedIn prospecting

It's lot simpler with a strategy to win, than just spinning automation...

  • Search Public Profiles
    Take advantage of free public profiles on the web and limit your LinkedIn activity. Linkdra search generator will guide you to find just the right profiles without any access to LinkedIn.
  • Review Scored Results
    Profiles are automatically scored for match and sorted with the best ones on top. Spend a couple of mins to review them and take out any irrelevant ones. LinkedIn is limited; be responsible and maintain a good profile.
  • So far no activity on LinkedIn. Truly unlimited.
  • Personalized Connection Request
    With a qualified prospect list, you are now ready to send out your introduction message. Linkdra helps you set up personalized messages that convert well. Take advantage of ready-to-use conversation flows that we created based on analyzing 1000s of messages across businesses & geography.
  • Build your prospect list
  • Plug-in your Marketing Automation - Go multi-channel
    A 1st degree connections on LinkedIn convert cold email to WARM messages that gives you results at scale. Automate with Linkdra email marketing integrations, post connection that gets you responses. Connect your HubSpot, Mailchimp, and host of other marketing automation tools with a click.

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