The intuitive interface of Pipedrive is a big draw amongst small and medium businesses. Now they can simply grow more leads with Linkdra

Pipedrive Overview

Pipedrive CRM is a leading sales software that helps automate tasks for sales professionals. The software aids salespeople track and close more deals easily. A popular choice amongst small and medium businesses, Pipedrive packs several features from pipeline management, email communications, sales activity tracking, forecasting, and lead nurturing. Built-in reporting with an intuitive UI makes it one of the top choices in CRM. Pipedrive also has the advantage of having two experienced sales managers as its founders, who made it with activity-based selling in mind.


Publish contacts from Linkdra to Pipedrive contacts. Activation requires Pipedrive API Key and domain to be added to Linkdra integration once per account. Post activation all contacts across all users seamlessly flow into Pipedrive. Near real-time push (within 5-15 mins) of contacts getting added to Linkdra means an opportunity to run campaigns right away. Integration fields include

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone

Typical Usecases

Lead pipeline: Collect LinkedIn contacts from everyone in the team into one Pipedrive instance.


Free with Linkdra Professional, Agency or Enterprise Account.

To Know more about Pipedrive visit https://www.pipedrive.com

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