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Mailchimp Overview

Mailchimp, is the popular email marketing platform and a consistent option right at the top of marketing automation platforms. Mailchimp empowers businesses through its seamless controls, a wide range of templates, and powerful integration and automation features. Mailchimp also packs in new capabilities around domain name search and hosting, as well as website design.

Mailchimp's mobile apps, which are available on iOS and Android, let you craft and send campaigns from smartphones and tablets; a feature that is not common amongst similar tools.


Setup your audience list in Mailchimp. Get your API Key and activate the integration. Select the target list and save. Once set up, every time you add a new contact to Linkdra, it gets sent to Mailchimp within 5-15 mins. Your email automation gets automatically triggered for the list with record marked as subscribed in Mailchimp. Integration fields include

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Tags

Typical Usecases

  • Email Automation: Trigger email campaigns automatically for every new contact added in Linkdra. So, if you just made a connection on LinkedIn the thank you and info email message can get send automatically to drive up engagement.


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