Plug your LinkedIn network directly into your CRM. Whether you are using CRM for your company or offering a service as a Marketing Agency on LeadConnectorHQ, unlock the power of outbound lead generation with Linkdra's sniper targeting capabilities. Turn on the integration & see your contacts and opportunity pipeline automatically build up in CRM. 

LeadConnectorHQ Overview

The Integrated Platform that's designed for connecting almost anything. A lot of businesses use it, over 1000s or more. People really like it because it's easy to use, and very well integrated. LeadConnectorHQ helps with prospecting. You can run campaigns on different channels like LinkedIn, Email, SMS, and messaging all in one place. This makes marketing and getting new customers a lot easier.

Once you set up your sales process in LeadConnectorHQ, the Linkdra assistant can help automatically turn your connections into potential customers. It's like having a smart helper that handles messages and tags contacts for you. Overall, it's a one-stop solution for making connections and turning them into real business opportunities.


Push integration from Linkdra to LeadConnectorHQ contacts & opportunity pipeline. Activation requires LeadConnectorHQ API key to be added to Linkdra integration once per account and all contacts (with valid email address) across all users seamlessly flow into LeadConnectorHQ. Near real-time push (within 5-15 mins) of contacts getting added or updated in Linkdra means an opportunity to run campaigns right away. Integration fields include

  • Name
  • Email & Phone
  • Company & Designation
  • Messages or Conversation History
  • Stage
  • Tags

Optionally select opportunity pipeline at the time of activation with stages mapped to Linkdra AI engine. See leads flow into your pipeline with the right stage selection as the AI engine scans each response and automatically assigns the stage. It's that simple.

How do agencies benefit?

While typical lead generation programs like SEO, Content Marketing, Reputation Management etc are great, they take time to deliver; and clients almost always want immediate results. Linkdra makes it easy to sniper target ideal profiles on LinkedIn without even searching on LinkedIn. Connect with them directly on demand instead of spending months waiting for them to show up via inbound marketing efforts.

To Know more about LeadConnectorHQ visit https://www.leadconnectorhq.com

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