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We harvest lists from hundreds of thousands of outbound searches, so that you can run personalized campaigns & reach your ideal prospects on LinkedIn. Get direct responses in your INBOX instead of cold calling, door knocking, mailers, Ads & internet leads.
Free up a whole week every month for things you care about.

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    Reach Malpractice Doctors
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    Financial Planers
    High Net-worth Individuals
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    Insurance Agencies
    Reach SMB, Owners
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    Reach founders, creators
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    Connect with Distributors
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    Network with influencers
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    Fleet Operators
    Reach corporate admin
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    Caterers & Hotels
    Reach openations heads
  • 🧑‍💼
    SaaS Founders
    Wow early adoptors
  • 🩺
    Healthcare PBMs
    Reach HR & Benefits
  • 💻
    Digital Agency
    Direct to SMB Owners
  • 🧑‍🏫
    Training & Content
    School Decision Makers
Marketing for Founders, Owners, Advisors & Agencies
There is a new playbook for lead generation. What delivered last few years, no longer works. The big shift happened in 2020. Everyone is online now & you can reach them directly; anywhere around the world or within miles from your office.
New Connections
Qualified Profiles


It is hard to generate quality leads on a budget, but not for us. Share your wish list of target prospects & we will send 30 to you ready to connect absolutely free. Discover effectiveness of direct out-reach.
Leverage the smartest way to generate leads on demand.

Start with a niche

Tell us about your ideal customer where you have had the most success or an area you want to expand into.

Build lists

We scan through 1000s of profiles to build you the list that is ready to connect.

Setup campaign

A killer sequence of messages. We craft a compelling set for you to review and you are ready for business.

Close Deals

Get notified when leads respond with interest, for you to close the deal.

Everyday connect

Grow your local network. Small sets every day can add up easily to reach 1000s in just a couple of months.

What people are saying.

Trusted by professionals across finance, insurance, real estate, retail, healthcare, elearning, consulting & many more.

Kesia - Insurancy Agency Owner

" In a relatively small town, competition is thick. I was able to reach out and meet people before they even started exploring options. Exchanges were warm and that means I wasn't cold calling. "

Kevin, CFP - Financial Advisor

" I was looking to connect with high-net-worth individuals closer to retirement. I had spent a lot of time with Sales Navigator before searching, but the ready-to-use lists surprised me here. Huge time saver. "

Connie - eLearning Developer

" Connecting with school administrators, superintendents became so much easier. I was able to showcase my content via a drip campaign with those preview cards and that made a big difference. "

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