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Linkdra integrated with GoHighLevel
Linkdra integrated with GoHighLevel

Grow your network on LinkedIn, build professional contacts. Connect GoHighLevel to Linkdra and see your opportunity pipeline build automatically.

As a marketer working with GoHighLevel, you're very much into some of the major social media sites for lead generation. Very likely you are leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — and may be thinking you are well covered. After all GoHighLevel – all-in-one platform does a wonderful job in running end to end marketing automation. And if you are a marketing agency, then you know what the SaaS platform can bring to the table for all things marketing.

However, if you're not using LinkedIn, you could be missing out on the most direct way to reach your ideal clients with precision, especially if you’re a B2B business or an agency serving B2B business clients, or even B2L (Business to Local). Not only does LinkedIn have 740 million active users worldwide, but it is also the most used B2B social and professional media platform. In almost all industries, 9 out of 10 potential customers are already on LinkedIn, and you can find them easily based on their profile. Still, if you’re not using LinkedIn to communicate directly with them, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your business. Yes, it is true that it takes a lot of effort to generate leads on LinkedIn, but that gets addressed when you combine Linkdra with GoHighLevel to build that end-to-end lead generation workflow.  

A quick recap of what can you do with LinkedIn.

In a world of lead generation possibilities, LinkedIn emerges as a standout platform for businesses seeking to expand their outreach without delving into ad expenditures. It revolves around a clever mix of content and outreach. Let's revisit the key takeaways that set this strategy apart from popular outreach methods such as email marketing:

  • Engagement-driven Connections: LinkedIn thrives on authentic engagement and meaningful connections, making it an optimal space to build rapport with potential leads. You are no longer just an email id but a whole profile. Of course profile needs to talk like you bring in value.
  • Dynamic Content Visibility: With insightful content sharing and thought leadership, your presence remains active and visible, increasing the likelihood of drawing in interested leads. This requires some amount of descipline and effort; that is made easier with Linkdra's ChatGPT integrated setup.
  • Precise Targeting: LinkedIn's advanced search features allow you to pinpoint your ideal prospects based on industry, role, and location, honing in on the most relevant leads. Sales Navigator works even better. However, you can best target the right people with Linkdra's built in public index search engine at scale. It's not just free to use without limits, but with advanced rule engine very effective too.
  • Personalized Outreach: The personalized touch of tailored connection requests and messages resonates more profoundly, fostering authentic relationships. This is where LinkedIn strategy trumps all others including email marketing. Instead of cold outreach, you have a warm connection which makes thing so much easier.
  • Community Building: Active participation in relevant groups, posts establishes you as an industry expert, drawing potential leads to engage with your insights.

In summary and in contrast to email marketing, which sometimes faces challenges of deliverability and open rates, LinkedIn's environment is conducive to building trust and credibility with a receptive audience. By leveraging these strategies, businesses can master the art of generating leads organically on LinkedIn, sans the need for advertising, while reaping the benefits of genuine connections.

LinkedIn outreach – a lead pipeline for GoHighLevel

CRM opportunity pipeline building is like creating a step-by-step plan for turning potential customers into actual buyers. It's important because it keeps things organized and boosts sales. Now, imagine adding marketing automation to this process – it's like having a super helper. Marketing automation tools like GoHighLevel can send timely messages, nurture leads, and keep customers engaged without you doing everything manually. This teamwork between CRM and automation makes your sales journey smoother and more successful. The question remains, how do you build that list to trigger marketing automation and that's where Linkdra steps in to automate prospecting and fill your opportunity pipeline.

GoHighLevel Pipeline

A Kanban-style opportunity pipeline such as in GoHighLevel greatly aids lead generation by providing a visual representation of lead progress and facilitating efficient tracking and management. When paired with automatic filling via Linkdra prospecting CRM, the pipeline becomes even more powerful, ensuring that leads seamlessly transition through stages while allowing teams to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals. Teams get to see relevant details across multiple channels in one unified interface; a big time saver.

Connecting Linkdra to GoHighLevel

To set up Linkdra with GoHighLevel for an automated opportunity pipeline, start defining the pipeline and stages, then connect via API key, and finally run a test payload. Here are the steps.

Setup Opportunity Pipeline

Sign in to your GoHighLevel instance and click Opportunities > Pipelines. It's recommended to have a separate pipeline for LinkedIn to simplify the measurement of effectiveness by channel.

GoHighLevel Pipeline setup

Next, set up the stages. Below is a recommended set of stages that support automatic population when they are published. Simply click "Edit" on the newly created pipeline.

GoHighLevel Pipeline stages

To ensure automated assignment of stages, the titles/names set up in the previous step should match those that are set up in Linkdra's Auto Label Stage. You can, of course, modify them to fix your workflow, as long as they are consistent across both platforms. Note that the names are case-sensitive.

GoHighLevel Auto Stage

Alternatively, you can set up the opportunitiy pipeline using the GoHighLevel Snapshot

API Connect

Once the opportunity pipeline is set up, you are ready to connect the platforms using the GoHighLevel API Key.

GoHighLevel API Key

Once you retrieve the API key, head to Linkdra PCRM under Settings > Integrations. Locate GoHighLevel and click "Enable."

GoHighLevel Configure

Add the API key. Wait for the "GET PIPELINES" button to get enabled to select the LinkedIn pipeline from the list of available pipelines.

NOTE: If you don't see a list of pipelines, check the API Key and also confirm if you are in the right instance and have pipelines already defined in GoHighLevel.

Finally, review and save the integration. That's it. You are all set to have leads automatically flow from Linkdra to GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel Configure

Ready Pipeline of Leads

Once connected, all profiles that have an email ID on record in Linkdra PCRM automatically go to GoHighLevel contacts. This applies to all new profiles added or updated once the integration is enabled. The setup will also pick up recent 100 odd profiles and publish them to GoHighLevel. You can test out the integration by clicking "Edit" on any profile with an email in Linkdra PCRM, and simply hit Save. This triggers the sync automation, and you should see a record in GoHighLevel contacts in the next 5-10 minutes. Note that sync is designed to publish updates every 5-10 minutes.

If the profile also has a "Stage" set, you should be able to see the record in the GoHighLevel LinkedIn opportunity pipeline as well. Of course, the above step is to test out the integration. During regular usage, this happens automatically as records get added/updated in Linkdra CRM.

An opportunity pipeline provides a structured visual representation of leads at various stages, making it easier to monitor their progress and identify potential hurdles. This clarity helps sales teams prioritize effectively, nurture leads strategically, and ultimately increase the likelihood of successfully closing deals. And when you turn on Linkdra + GoHighLevel integration, it becomes effortless.

Also read more about the integration at Linkdra + GoHighLevel

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