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Photo from Unsplash

LinkedIn content can be a great way to run your B2B lead generation campaign with Zero Ads. Timing of your post and the structure, can make a big difference.

If you have a B2B product or agency focused on B2B customers, you already know LinkedIn can provide a great $0 marketing option. The trick is to do it or you would be wasting a lot of time hoping to make it work. It requires a lot of commitment and time. The good part of it is, at the end of it you will build yourself an awesome network.

We have run and seen good campaigns closely and so have built a short guide to help you get the best out of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Posts & Feed Algorithm

Understanding a bit of how it works might just make your post fly on LinkedIn. I mean LinkedIn feed tries to show the most relevant content to its users with a view of engagement and ways to keep them there as long as possible.

When to post?

While a lot of people and topics would say, depends on blah blah, here are a few things that we noticed. Posting around the time people check LinkedIn.

That means around 8 am, 11 am or around lunch 12:30 pm or post 5:30 pm. For senior profiles, it may be the end of the day around 8 pm.

Most weekdays are fine except for Mondays but again Wednesdays see a little bump or essentially mid-week. (COVID time we see even Friday evenings working well) These are our observations, but it may be quite different. See what works best for your target audience. Spot the pattern.

First 60 minutes after you post

LinkedIn has an algorithm to score and determine what kind of content it is. It's a function of hashtags, the words you use in title and body, and of course your connections. Once it determines quality it shows up in the feed of your most immediate connections for a short while to see how they are engaging. Engagement can be just views or much better if they like or the best case comment.

So, to win this round, add a hint to encourage people to comment.

If the initial run is good i.e network liked/commented/shared then it goes to the next step. Very likely real people content reviewers get in at this stage to see if it is genuine and there is nothing objectionable about it. So, the trick is to get the first round going good and it may be useful to ask your colleagues, friends to rally and show engagement in the first 1-2 hrs.

For the next 24-48 hrs, you would see the views growing. Reaching 5000 views is not hard if you have a decent profile and connections. Of course, the post once again should be encouraging for people to view and engage.


Don't include external links in your post. LinkedIn does not like it as users tend to go away from the platform.

So, if you need to have external links, add it in comments (be the first one to comment on your own post) and mention in the post to check comments for the link. Neat!

To drive engagement call out readers to comment or share with a good reason. This works wonders than just reading your post and going away. Of course, you make sure you thank or respond back to comments to bump up the comments numbers. More comments mean better performance in feeds.

Content Style

  • Semi-formal works better. At the end of the day, you are making a connection with people and not walls. Make it sound like you as the person sitting next to them.
  • Avoid jargon and complex long sentences. Remember most people are reading on their phone screens.
  • This brings to the next point. Make your pitch or at least make it interesting enough in the first 1-2 lines or less than 150 chars. LinkedIn shows the first 2 lines as preview and so try to get users attention within that space.
  • Short paragraphs. Make it readable. If you have to great long passages use emojis in moderation. They work well if used right in limited ways.
  • Clickbait titles today work negatively at times. You are trying to build a network and not a promo. So, make it interesting but not selling.
  • Select the right hashtags. They help in feed distribution. Again limit to 3-4 hashtags and avoid screaming too loud.

Of course for this to work well you should have a good connection list already. Above 500 is probably the minimum. Try to build a connection list that has a few influencers from your industry who come in with a huge network of their own. This takes time but totally worth it.

So How does Linkdra help with your content distribution strategy?

A big part of your content success lies with your 1st degree connects. Linkdra makes it super easy to search and build a quality network quickly so that your shining content can really travel. 5000+ views with 500 connections aren't that hard and the benefits are immense. The best $0 lead generation strategy you can have for your B2B business.

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