Sending connect requests with personalization and tracking.

Setting up messaging templates, personalization tips and automating message composition.

Sending Connect Requests

The process of sending requests can start from a list of profiles from previous searches. You can add LinkedIn links directly as well. while you can always send a connect request directly on LinkedIn it becomes hard to track and therefore recommended to compose and send from LINKDRA Workbench so that you can track better and your team has a real time status.

Effective ways to send connect requests

There is no one single strategy that would work in all cases. Below are a few tips on what to include for an effective connect request message. Workbench platform of course helps create message templates to effective conversion.

  • Personalized : At a minimum start with a Hi . Workbench takes care of it by default.
  • Include Links : Short URLs with a message or a short link. This scan be part of the message template body.
  • Update self profile page : Once you send out connect requests, users are likely to review your profile before accepting your request. Having a relevant and sharp communication option helps.

Sync with Contacts

Once connect requests are sent they are tracked in CRM. Workbench can be used to sync up profiles as contacts in CRM. See Syncing Contacts