Meet the Founders, Directly

We are packing strategy, execution plan, and ready list of founders by segment so that you can expand your "Investment Portfolio" seamlessly.

Finding the Founders

The right strategy to search
We have been networking and connecting with startup founders helping them with their business development. Now applying the same recipe to search and build a curated list of founders getting ready to pitch for raising funds.
Tailored, engagement plan
Not everyone would be ready to go right away. Plan a nurturing strategy with campaigns to keep warm, so that you are first to hear from the founders when they are ready to move.
Platform services
Tracking 100s or 1000s of profiles and managing lists in spreadsheets can be daunting. Linkdra platform helps you with the search, build right connections, and track progress with the built-in CRM. Take advantage of ready integrations with HubSpot or other CRMs to consolidate your contact lists.
run platform


Finding founders should not be hard. They are some of the most active people on social and professional media. The problem is with the platforms that nudge you towards Ads. We go web crawling instead to cut the noise. Share with us your target segment/ niche and we will send you to 30 ready to connect.
The smartest way to meet founders "on demand"

Start with a Segment

Tell us about your niche or segment you want to target or an area you want to expand into.

Build lists

We scan through 1000s of profiles to build you the list that is ready to connect.

Setup campaign

A killer sequence of messages. We craft a compelling set for you to review and you are ready for business.

Book Meetings

Get notified when your connections respond with interest, for you to set up meetings.

Everyday connect

Grow your network. Small sets every day can add up to reach 1000s in just a couple of months. Track and follow up in CRM.

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